Joanne Markey Weber
  With a sigh of decision , young Octi said "Yes..
But I hope that my courage won't end in a mess!"
     He wrapped every tentacle onto Mom's tail,
She headed for daylight, then heard Octi's wail. "PLEASE STOP !" he croaked hoarsely,
"I'm not ready yet.  I fear that my ink will squirt
out, I'M NOT SET!!!"
Offering children's books ages 2 and up, I am happy to welcome you to my original rhyming prose which makes readers laugh while teaching children valuable lessons from daily life at the same time.
Beginning with Flabby
Rabbit and Squinty Squirrel,  two dear
friends rescue the eggs of Millie Robin just in time to be confronted with a whole new problem. This is a story about friendship,
including the value of helping one another and protecting the vulnerable.
Moving to "Octi the Octopus" as indicated in the entire title, Octi learns to face his fears. His friend whale and her daughter give Octi a "show and tell ride" into the depths of the ocean. Octi is delighted and learns the value of playing with and respecting his friends at the same time. It gives children a chance to acknowledge fear yet also to face it with a little bit of lightness and joy.